Big News For Florida Singles Dating And Looking For Love

Big news for Florida singles dating and looking for love

We all love Florida, that is all of us who live here. As it turns out there is big news for Florida singles dating and looking for love. Florida is now the #1 state for single people looking for love.

Singles sometimes wonder where is the best place to live if I’m looking to meet someone for a relationship. The results are in ! The 2019 top state for singles finding love is Florida according to WalletHub.

The rankings considered 28 different factors including date friendly (ie. access to bars, movie costs, alcohol prices and restaurants). Lets also not forget the warm weather and beaches on both coasts.

A total of 28 relevant metrics were evaluated. The 3 keys metrics looked at were   1) Dating Economics, 2) Dating Opportunities and 3) Romance & Fun. The metric that carried the highest weight was dating opportunities (this again makes sense with all the great weather and things to do).

While New York actually ranked #1 in Romance & Fun, it got crushed in Dating Economics and squeaked out a #2 over Florida’s #3 ranking in Dating Opportunities. Florida carried the #1 slot in large part due to the Dating Economics. I guess all those retirees are onto something with the whole cost of living thing.

Another thing that hurts people in New York is the cost of living vs income. New York ranked dead last at #50 for Lowest Median Annual Household Income (adjusted for Cost of Living).

The other big factor is obvious. States with a higher population of single people also rank better. Here California was #1 with New York #2 and Florida #3. Maybe our own Dating Addict has been onto something all these years, since he is in Florida.

What about the worst ? Since most people usually meet online let’s look at that. As it turns out Alabama gets that unique distinction as the fewest dating app and online dating opportunities. Maybe those folks should take a short drive south or widen their search criteria on the dating apps to Florida.

As being based in Florida and originally from the Northeast, I can tell you that Florida is a great place, in my opinion. If you’re single and want a family, what kids don’t love Disney and beach ? But you say what about the seasons ? Can you spell Southwest Airlines, Expedia or Airbnb ?

How about just being single and not looking for a relationship. Another recent report found the best city for being single was Atlanta. And it does get cold there, so you’ll have your seasons.

So that’s the big news for Florida singles dating and looking for love. And there are more choices to find love.

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