Singles Need Choices Other Than Dating Apps

Singles need choices other than dating apps

It been a year since the whole creepy Harvey Weinstein saga and the forming of the MeToo Movement. But now with the Judge Kavanaugh – Dr. Ford saga, men and women both are looking at dating a lot differently. That is why the Love Boss Matchmaking Experts say singles need professional dating help more than ever. Singles need choices other than dating apps

Men are now trying to figure out how to handle first dates. Is it ok to touch a woman in any way or will be it taken the wrong way ? Is it ok to even be alone with a woman when you first are getting to know her, and on and on.

For a woman, do you express how you feel about touch and sex right upfront so there is no confusion. Or is the whole topic difficult and is there now more fear when approaching dating than before ?

Lots of questions for sure but not a lot of answers.

With so many women having experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault in their lives, should they talk about it openly in a new relationship ?

And of course, the big question, with rape on the rise from dating apps, how do I know the person I am about to meet is safe ?

The world of dating has changed and probably more dramatically over the last year than ever.

If you are a busy professional man and don’t have the time to personally try to figure who may be real or not, it almost seems like a professional matchmaker is no brainer.

For a woman, wouldn’t it be nice to meet men who someone has already fully screened and vetted ? Or maybe you just need a little advice or coaching.

When Love Boss Matchmaking Experts say singles need professional dating help more than ever, you can see why we are the best choice in dating for South Florida and may be why we won the Best Matchmaker award.

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